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Dean Winchester Graphics Challenge:

samiferistheway vs davidmitchellestmonheros
↪ Prompt: Dean/Ellen

Yes, it’s that time of the month again. Welcome to the October round of The Dean Winchester Graphic Challenge!
[Also excuse the graphic. My computer with Photoshop is broken so all I had was an ancient version of Photoshop Elements from circa 2007. ]


To begin:

  • Reblog this post only if you want to participate. Likes do not count as an entry!
  • Reblogs will be counted until October 1st.
  • You can follow the official blog and track the tag if you wish, but it’s not required to participate. This will ensure that you get updates about the challenge, see the other participants work, ect.
  • To join the challenge you need to have at least one example of your work on your blog already.

What next?

  • After the reblogging period is over I will pair everyone who entered up with a partner of equal skill level.
  • You will get an ask telling you your graphic partner’s url, a prompt, and a deadline to post your graphic.
  • Make your graphic based on the prompt; use your imagination and have fun! You can include other characters from the show too, as long as Dean is included.
  • Post your graphic before October 31st. If you can’t get your graphic designed by then or have an outlying circumstance that prevents you, send me a message and we will work it out.
  • Tag your edit with “deangraphicschallenge” and “your partner’s url” in the first five tags.
  • Late submissions will not be accepted unless you message me with the circumstance. Posting the graphic on time is part of the challenge!
  • If your graphic doesn’t show up in the tag make sure to send the graphic challenge blog a message with the link to your work.

What happens to the graphic?

  • All posts will be reblogged to the official challenge blog [probably attached with me freaking out in the tags over how good it is let’s be honest here.]
  • Once you’ve posted your graphic and see it on the challenge blog, you’re done! Good job!
  • Also this is a challenge to expand our skills and have fun. There are no winners or losers.

Got all of that? Good! Then get reblogging, and feel free to send me an ask if you have any questions.

Fav Character in that Fav Episode:
Dean Winchester in 5x04

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